“Go Light Your Corner “- Women’s Ministries Evangelism Boot Camp

Gospel Explosion Evangelism Boot Camp
“Go Light Your Corner ”

dsc_8222On October 21 – 23, 2016 the Women’s Ministry of SWRGC of SDA’s under the leadership of Anysia Archibald sponsored an Evangelism Boot Camp: “Go Light Your Corner”.

The facilitator was Jeanne Nicole Brisé, a dynamic, multi-lingual, seasoned evangelist who adores Jesus. She prepares women to be effective in ministry for the cause of Christ.
Prayer was an integral part of this weekend as all sessions were bathed in prayer. Plus, every day at 5:00 am there was an Upper Room/ Prayer Walk with Mil Dyer and the Prayer Team. Glory to God!
We opened exploring the theme: ‘You are the Light of the World’. The Christian’s light must be the light that can be seen, the light that warns, the light that guides. As we looked at Women’s Roles in evangelism, we concluded every true Christian woman is an evangelist.  However, we do face challenges. Some solutions: we must begin to appreciate the way God made us, most of all we must yield ourselves to God daily! Knowing “without a vision the people perish”, we received step by step instruction with definitions and guidelines to help us discover God’s vision for us individually.

A Spiritual Gifts Inventory with the interpretation and application of our gifts was next. We discovered we each have a place in God’s work and He will use our individual gifts as we yield to Him. Lastly, we actually held an “Evangelism Meeting” utilizing our gifts. Getting hands-on application of our gifts! This experience was eye-opening. The enthusiasm of the attendees was palpable. The joy and sense of empowerment were verbalized and evident on the faces of the women and few men in attendance. One man shared excitedly, “this was excellent, top of the line! Every “elder” should attend this boot camp”. The food was great and we also had the opportunity to exercise as a group. However, the Spiritual Feast truly equipped us to “Go Light Your (our) Corner”

Susan Bevins
Cleburne Emmanuel

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