Y.A.M.S.- Young Adults Ministry

031For many, at first glance, the image that comes to mind is that of the usually orange colored fleshy root vegetable. However, recently that image is changing as more and more churches realize the composition and contributions of this segment of their churches.

They are the YAMS, an acronym for Young Adults Ministry in Service and have as their aim “Connecting this generation to Christ.” Recently Berean observed the first of many proposed YAMS’ Sabbaths in conjunction with its youth church worship service.

Presently the make-up of the group includes young married couples, young single adults, and even a few elementary school age children.   As previously reported, for some time the YAMS have been active in “Friday Night Live” activities; however, their leadership of Pastor Robert Davis, Walter Campbell, and Paula Adams felt it was time for the group to branch out and expand ‘its territory. Recalling admonition from an earlier visit by then Pastor Stephen Brooks of the Tenth Street Oklahoma City Church, the group decided to embark on another mission – that of campus ministry.

Thus on this designated Sabbath, wearing their monogrammed burnt orange tees and denim bottoms, instead of heading to worship at Berean, the group convened at the designated spot on Baton Rouge’s Southern University’s campus where an unexpected reception surprised them. “Our modus operandi was to separate in search of the students; however, as God would have it, for the most part, the students were in one locale.” In anticipation of the new semester and the campus’ highly competitive football program with its large fan base, the event was ‘Spirit Day’ at Southern and it appeared that the whole campus had gathered in the area outside the mini dome. “The band was marching and the football players were all being cheered on by their fans. Thus the setting afforded an ideal opportunity for us to pass out our handbills announcing the church’s upcoming ‘prayer Conference’ along with welcomed bottles of chilled water,” continued Adams. Some even accepted the groups’ praying with them and for them. In the end, if the empty boxes of flyers and chilled water were any indication, then the outing was a success.

Because it was youth church Sabbath, that evening it was back to Berean for the team and the membership-at-large. Pastor Carl Ming of the New Orleans Caffin Avenue church was the featured speaker. Following Adams’ report of the morning ministry, Ming began his hour of encouragement by reminding us that “One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to tell on ourselves to God.”   Utilizing Romans 7:15-20 as his beginning text, he directed us to Paul’s dilemma as he acknowledged being torn between doing the right he knew to do and the wrong he desired to do and ultimately committing that wrong but attributing it all to his being a ‘slave to God’s law.’ Ming then very dramatically directed us to “step out of chapter 7 and into chapter 8 and its promises.”   Here we were assured that regardless of our wretched past, confession to God obliterates the sin covering it by the blood of Jesus. “Our sin is cast into the sea of forgetfulness and regardless of the number of times Satan accuses us of our past sins, we are forgiven,” he reminded us. Without hesitation, a large segment of the audience accepted Ming’s appeal in the form of an invitation and found their way to the altar joining him in the transition from Romans chapter 7 to Romans 8.

NO!   YAMS are not just for eating – anymore- as the group has already set its next Southern University prayer outreach for the latter part of September. We thank Pastor Ming for his Spirit-filled message of deliverance.

Evelyn M. Edwards