Psalms 150

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPsalms 150:4 directs us to include “…with the strings…” in our praises to our God. Recently our music ministry was obedient in this regard via its ministry guest, gospel jazz artist, Roland Gresham.

“After twenty-seven years of God’s miraculously leading,” Gresham’s passion for stringed music finally found its way to the Baton Rouge Berean church where he shared with the evening‘s audience his love for God through his guitar. He began by humbly revealing that except for his deceased father having taught him a”few basic chords”, he is self-taught and does not read music.

The concert began with “El Shaddai” and his recounting a performance engagement that turned out differently than he expected. “From this experience I learned that when things look bad, God is setting you up for a blessing. My blessing was an enormous check from a total stranger.” What followed were songs from two of his CD’s, Roland GreshamMelodies from Heaven and The Best of Roland Gresham with each interspersed by a testimony that either prompted the song or provided inspiration in and of itself.   “Great Is Your Mercy toward Me” was the result of his car breaking down on a deserted stretch of highway and how God sent someone to his rescue. “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart” was preceded by the story of his lending assistance to a stranded motorist who drove off while failing to utter a mere ‘thanks’ in the end. And as the evening wore on, so did the testimonies followed by their respective tunes. A most fitting “How Great Is Our God” brought the grand evening to a close. As we followed Gresham to the foyer where we could purchase some of his wonderful CD’s, we couldn’t help but reflect on the psalmist David and his admonition on utilizing this genre to praise our Lord. We applaud Roland for allowing our Lord to use him in this manner.

Evelyn M. Edwards