Jul 2018

Returning to the Old Paths Southwest Region Conference Camp Meeting 2018 In spite of abbreviated days, our 2018 “Returning to the Old Paths” camp meeting held something for everyone. The theme selected from Jeremiah 6:16 provided the backdrop. In his welcome found in the introduction of the printed program, President Calvin L. Watkins qualifies the old paths as “the standard Three Angels’ Message that has brought us this far.”  In Friday evening’s welcome, he would add “The more we move from the old paths, the more the devil can creep into our......

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Oct 2016

Thank God for HIS grace! This is my personal testimony: 03.30.16 I was on my way to Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the north side of town. It was a clear, beautiful evening and the sky was blue, without a cloud visible. As I was talking with my eighty-five (85) year old mom as I do each day, my phone sounded a weather alert stating: WARNING, A TORNADO IS IN THIS AREA! TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!...

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