Jul 2014

Bethel Church in Corsicana, Texas held another “Evangelistic Meeting” on March 19, 2014 – April 30, 2014. The Holy Spirit really moved during this meeting as Pastor Stiggers and the Bethel Church Family worked with the Bible Workers Sharon Jefferson and Cyrus Stiggers to accomplish a task too big for us to do alone....

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Apr 2014

“What Is The Best Thing You Like About Southwest Region Conference?” Directions and Rules:  We would like to hear your favorite thing that you like about our conference. Post your comment below and share with friends. Once you have LIKED US on Facebook (SWRGC), COMMENTED in the comment section and SHARED with all of your friends, you will be entered into the iPad Mini giveaway. The more shares the better! (Please remember, don’t just like the post–like us on Facebook (SWRGC). THIS IS TOTAL FREE! We will pick the best comment, memory, or......

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