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Oakwood’s Voices of Triumph in Concert at Ephesus

New Orleans  – The Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana hosted a fundraising concert to benefit the great efforts of Evangelism in which the church is heavily invested. Evangelism and Christian Education are the foundations of Ephesus’ mission in winning souls to Christ. Ephesus is located in the heart of uptown New Orleans and is one of seven Adventist churches in the big city and surrounding areas.

Ephesus Church History/School

The church is dedicated to the work of changing lives for God. The New Orleans Adventist Academy is the only Adventist elementary and high school in the New Orleans area, catering to the local community and fellow local churches. Understanding the importance of Christian Education Oakwood University was a clear choice when searching for the best quality gospel music in the world.

Oakwood known for its music program boasts award winning choirs whose voices have been heard all around the world. The Ephesus church invited the Voices of Triumph choir to join them for the fundraising weekend and to perform three days in concert. The Voices of Triumph, one of four main choirs at Oakwood was eager to come and share their talents. They would travel over seven hours from Huntsville, Alabama by bus.

God Blesses with Hotels

The choir was ready to make their way but there was just one problem, the students did not have a place to stay. Housing for 30 students is not only hard to find but also expensive and while the choir was ready to perform, the church would need to provide housing for all three days. Those who could, volunteered to open their homes to the students and within a few days rooms for all 30 choir members and chaperones were found.  But as we know when it comes to God’s blessings he will do more than what you ask of Him. Within just a few days the University was able to provide the money needed for hotel rooms for all the students.

Student Preacher

The first concert began on Friday evening and by the end of the night the church learned that the Voices of Triumph was not just a catchy name.

On Sabbath morning the choir lead out in the worship service. Among the 30 students there were two native New Orleanians and fellow members of the Ephesus Church. Daniel and Lydia Charles are siblings and both attend Oakwood University. Daniel is not just a singer, his mission is to wins souls.  This has lead him to major in Theology. As speaker for Sabbath Worship Daniel preached an inspiring message. After the benediction the students invited the church to join them in an outreach project in the community. The students went out in the community, talked to people, passed out literature and invited residents out to the concert later that evening.

The concert, as expected. was filled with amazing vocal performances, as the choir’s voices echoed throughout the church. The Spirit of the Lord was ever present and was felt by everyone in attendance.

Taste of New Orleans

Sabbath evening ended with a feast of delicious New Orleans favorites. Students and visitors were treated to entrees of local dishes.  A Taste of New Orleans presented a variety of famous New Orleans dishes such as Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, Dirty Rice, King Cake and more.

Sunday morning the choir performed at New Hope Baptist Church which provided a blessed worship experience for everyone.

Any member of Ephesus will tell you that coming to Ephesus is worth the trip. So the next time you find yourself in New Orleans stop by and receive a blessing that you may not have room enough to receive.

By Davis Haywood


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