Fondren Church Welcomes New Pastoral Administration

It was a morning filled with driven anticipation as the Fondren Church prepared to welcome the new pastoral administration on Sabbath, March 3, 2018.  Just one week prior, on February 24, beloved and departing Pastor Edson Joseph had delivered a powerful message called “The Benediction,” which served as a moving appeal for God to bless the church with the power to continue growing in its various stages of ministry.

Presiding over the installation of Lead Pastor, Dr. Gordon Jones and Assistant Pastor Michelle Mota, was Southwest Region Conference President, Elder Calvin Watkins. As he prayed a dedicatory prayer, he charged each pastor to take the city for God as they serve God with all their heart, mind and strength. The deacons were charged to take care of each pastor; the elders were also charged to watch out for and take care of them; even in times of disagreement, to be agreeable.

Pastor Michelle Mota spoke of her belief in “Boomerang Love” with reference to how God can pour His love through her to minister with the congregants, who will love others in return. First Elder Van Runnels responded with a presentation of greeting cards for each pastor with words highly expressing the extensiveness of the church family’s welcome.

As Dr. Jones opened up his message, he spoke of the humility of accepting the call to continue building the kingdom following the great legacy set by former pastors, Alex Horton, Charles Sanders, Helvis Moody and Edson Joseph. Pastor Bullard, Pastor Free, and Pastor Ming from the Austin area were present to add their congratulations, support and blessing to their fellow colleague in ministry.  In Dr. Jones’ message, “Embracing Next,” he shared that comfort zones are places where possibilities are limited, and opportunities are minimal; when you don’t allow God to decide your “next,” you can become incarcerated by your past.

The Fondren church family is primed and geared to move to the next level while embracing a spirit of great anticipation of what God can and will perform through the anointing that a new season has ushered in.

By Cheryl Harris | Pictured above Dr. Gordon Jones, Senior Pastor, and Pastor Michelle Mota, Assistant Pastor


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