New Beginnings in the New Year

New Beginnings for the New Year

The new year often brings new promises, hopes, and opportunities.  However, it can also bring change.  Sometimes these changes take us away from those things Kenn Dixonwe hold dear. 

Considering this, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you of an upcoming transition for me and my family. I have accepted a position as Director of Integrated Marketing and Public Relations at Oakwood University at the start of the coming year.

Huntsville holds a special place in my life because it is where I met my wife and where my eldest son was born. This move will also bring us closer to our younger children, who currently, and will be attending Oakwood.  Relocation will be bittersweet. Though for what I gain, I will also experience loss. Our family and friends here are incredible, loving, and supportive; we will miss them.   I consider Southwest Region Conference as my home. It has provided me the opportunity to serve alongside some of the most amazing people who have shaped my spiritual growth and nurtured my career.

The President of Allegheny West Conference, Dr. William T. Cox, Sr., always reminded me–“Your gifts will make room for you.” This quote has influenced my thinking and would bring focus when I questioned how God was directing my life.  It has helped me during my years of ministry by allowing me to trust God more.

\With unwavering faith in God’s plan, like Abraham, I will be taking the next step in my journey. Though it takes me away from my “homeland,” I move forward with full confidence that God is leading me to the next phase in life.  I thank you for the opportunity to serve the Southwest Region Conference.  My prayer is that Southwest continues to add souls to the kingdom in this part of the vineyard.


Pastor Kenn Dixon

Southwest Region Conference

Communications and Media Relations Director




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