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12 of the 21 kids attending Applegate Adventist Junior Academy

Every now and then my wife—who is a teacher—tells of some of the happenings of her day.  Well, a funny thing happened at school yesterday.

As pastor, around our small church, from time to time I  perform small maintenance duties(cutting the lawn, changing bulbs, repairing locks, putting out garbage) in addition to our three-teacher  school facility.  It so happened the day before I was repairing the door handle on the Library door; removing broken parts, when I unconsciously failed to remove the latch, which functions as a manual lock when the knob is turned. Unconsciously,  I left the latch in place,  while at the same time removing the knob, which turned the latch; thus creating a situation where, if you shut the door without the knob, you are locked in the room, with no way of entering or exiting without the use of  maintenance tools.

Lesson learned: “never leave un-finished maintenance jobs of this nature around teachers with small kids because the inevitable will happen.”

With this rule in place guess what happens—the inevitable!  Three students,  with  the upper grade teacher enters the library(where the broken knob is located) and inevitably shuts the door, locking behind them.  They rehearse their parts for about twenty-minutes, not knowing they are now locked in the room and cannot get out without maintenance tools.

Well, if you have ever worked in small settings around kids, this can really be drama—the teacher and students are locked in the library and cannot get out!  Call the fireman!  Call the police or—in this case … “Call the Pastor!” (lol)

After attempting to open the door with zero success:  one teacher frantically on the inside, the other on the outside, with excited kids inside and outside looking on, freedom finally comes when the locked-in teacher and students exit through the small window in the library. Thank-God the upper grade teacher was a small lady,  if you know the size of the Library window.

But, what was eye-catching in the midst of the small church school drama, six-pint-sized individuals (students), ages 5-10 stands in  circle holding hands, having a prayer vigil for the teacher and locked-in students.

In closing, I would imagine Heaven smiling on this incident.  This is what Christian Education is all about;  learning to make God a part of every-days  dramatic experiences.


Pastor W. B. Stanley, PhD

 Applegate Adventist Junior Academy

(Round Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church)

Round Rock, Texas











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