“Divine Ministry”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor some time she had felt compelled to do more for ministry; to do her part in helping those in need. And even though numerous feeding programs existed in her area, she was persuaded that the overall program could use more – especially when she observed the large number of children accompanying their adult parents to local feeding programs.

With Yolanda Adams’ “What About the Children?” on her mind, the Holy Spirit impressed Berean’s Ericka Jones that she had a role to play. What has resulted is a feeding program that caters to homeless children who reside with their parents under the Interstate bridge that crosses a portion of Baton Rouge.

“Now that I knew what I wanted to contribute to God’s ministry, I needed a name for it.” Jones recalls how in route to a grocery store, she noticed a vine on the parking lot. Upon exiting the store, there on the ground was that same vine. Confirmation that the Holy Spirit was indeed leading, she had the name for her homeless children’s feeding program- “Divine Ministry.” However, being the selfless person she is and realizing the strength in numbers, she didn’t hesitate to involve in the project Berean’s Martin Luther King Academy where her mother Ivy Jones is assistant principal and Ericka a former student. The first Sunday monthly feeding sees the Joneses along with teachers Delores Newman, Yvonne Pondexter and Marian Wilson reporting to the under-the bridge site with sandwiches by Ericka and soup by her mom.  Realizing the affinity between toys and children and utilizing the spirit of the season, beginning December 1, the ministry embarked upon a toy drive for the homeless children.   The academy’s patrons were elated to join with their appropriately aged gifts. Just in time for Christmas, on December 21, to the delight of the children as well as their parents, Divine Ministry distributed its gifts.. “The indescribable spirit of warmth that permeated the air left us enjoying the giving as much as the children enjoyed the receiving!” exclaimed an excited Ericka. Of course, the monthly feedings are an ongoing ministry and will continue into the new year. We thank our heavenly Father for Ericka’s vision and for those who faithfully support it.

By: Evelyn M. Edwards


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