Stewardship Focus Weekend

The Stewardship committee of the Tenth Street Seventh-day Adventist Church of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to Elder Robert Lister for his presentation of the stewardship seminar, which he presented on November 1st thru November 3rd He showed how we as Seventh-day Adventists Christians, should plan our personal budgets to first give God his ten percent of our incomes and an offering to the church, which shows how much we love God and how thankful we are for what He has done for us, to help take care of its expenses and to also support the various projects that we are involved in. He showed how we are not owner of what we have, but everything belongs to God, including ourselves.  We are stewards of God’s property on this earth.  God let us have enough for us to live and to share with the poor and the needy.  Pastor Lister shared some of his experiences on how real are God promises when we put Him first. We were truly motivated to be loyal to God in our tithes and offerings, knowing that God will be there to support us.

We, here at the Tenth Street Seventh-day Adventist Church are in process of building a new sanctuary.  We would appreciate any tax free donations to help us in this project.  If you want to help, send your tax free donation to

Tenth Street Seventh-day Adventist Church

Building Fund Committee for the Tribe of Rueben

1407 NE 10th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73117


Again, we thank Pastor Lister for presenting his stewardship seminar at our church.  May God bless you and keep you!

Story by:  William A. Trotter, Sr. Stewardship Committee Chairman


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