iPad Mini© GiveAway 2014- “We Are Southwest”

“What Is The Best Thing You Like About Southwest Region Conference?”

Directions and Rules: 
We would like to hear your favorite thing that you like about our conference. Post your comment below and share with friends. Once you have LIKED US on Facebook (SWRGC), COMMENTED in the comment section and SHARED with all of your friends, you will be entered into the iPad Mini giveaway. The more shares the better! (Please remember, don’t just like the post–like us on Facebook (SWRGC).

We will pick the best comment, memory, or post as our winner. Think hard and share often.

We will be ending the giveaway on April 16, 2014 @12:30pm. The winner will be announced on Facebook by April 30th, 2014. The iPad Mini will be delivered to the winner after the contest and results have been posted.

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This giveaway is open to anyone who has experienced great times in our beautiful conference. Please share stories about the camp grounds, workers meetings, summer camps, Pathfinders, churches, pastors, federations or anything else.

“We Are Southwest” is spotlighting the diversity of its members, talented and gifted preachers, historical and innovative churches, and mission and focus of its leadership. You have made Southwest Region Conference what it is. Let’s remember our past, celebrate our present, and plan for our future.

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It’s in a warm location & seems to have a lot of fun


My favorite thing about Southwest Region Conference is the camaraderie and togetherness that the Pastors have in the conference. At camp meeting, Pastors have fun, their not phony and they love the people. Also the Pastors work together at there home areas instead of competing. They see progress as moving forward together rather than out doing each other.


I have been to a lot of camp meetings. None can compare Southwest Region’s! I enjoy communing with nature under the pavillion during the early morning service. I miss going to it!


My favorite memories of Southwest Region Conference would have to be the activities and events for our youth. As a mother you strive to keep your children involved in Christian based activities. I remember as a child, there was always something to do affiliated with my church. I didn’t like it growing up but I now value those memories. There is adventures, pathfinders, Oshkosh trips meeting SDA of all ethnicities, youth conference and federation, outdoor school, THE OLD SOCIALS, winter camp, summer camps, Lock-ins, fall festivals, back to school day, field day, school field trips, and through it all you are learning about Christ. I learned as a child, while being apart of Southwest Region Conference and SDA schools, how to develop a relationship with God and it has maintained me through adulthood!


I like the fact that I can jne gone for years and come bak and feel welcomed. Like I’m returning home. That feeling reminds me How Jesus responds when I have been out in the world. God is so good!!!


My wife is from Southwest Region Southwest!

My greatest memories is going to the campground on Thanksgiving weekend to be with other young adults. I must say this is where I first started meeting new friends from different cities or state. We were able to participate in daily activities in on Sabbath we all had a role to play whether it be in the choir or on the platform and it definitely has helped me to grow spiritually and steadfast. I’ve met a lot of pastors who have come and now have moved on but hey we definitely have crossed paths that has touched me in some kind of way. I personally want to say thank you to Genevieve Eversley who took me to my 1st youth retreat thanksgiving weekend and many other events. Nothing got by her…lol, but its people like her that we need today that kept us on the right track and the willingness to the youth.




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