The Heart Truth for women: Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women

SWRGCNEWS/Emmanuel SDA Church

SWRGCNEWS/Emmanuel SDA Church

In keeping with the February 2013 American Heart Month national campaign, The Community Services Department of the Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hammond, Louisiana hosted a Red Dress Day Weekend on February 2 – 3, 2013.

They joined with the Health Ministries and Women’s Ministries Departments to make an impressive presentation for women of the church and surrounding communities to foster awareness of women’s heart disease, and to encourage making healthier choices to protect the heart.

Many hours of hard work and planning went into making this event a success. Lucinda Keller, Community Services Director, solicited giveaways for the event from Lakeview Regional Heart Center’s Community Outreach Department in Covington, LA.  They responded with numerous donated articles including items for gift bags, health information, and two hundred and forty bottles of drinking water.  Keller also requested donations of canned goods and red veggies from other sources for the Community Service Food Pantry.  The response was enthusiastic with E. Martin reporting thirty nine can goods collected.

Emilye Grant of Emmanuel’s Health Ministries Department solicited the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Health Information Center for handouts and items for gift bags.  The items received were used for attractive décor in the foyer, for greeting guest at both entrances, and in the fellowship hall.

Shirley Bennett and others used their decorative skills to brighten up the facility in red décor that was warm and healing.  A special team was selected as greeters to accompany the hospitality team, who were all dressed in red with happy smiling faces.  Outstanding is the word that describes this team!

Sherlette Burkhalter, Community Services Treasurer, designed pin-ons that eloquently accented the women’s red dresses and the men’s red ties.

The 11:00 am worship service began with high adoration to God as praises rang throughout the sanctuary.  E. Grant presented a health moment cautioning the women that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, and that they should know their risk factors, and what risk factors can be changed or treated to prevent a heart attack.  She encouraged them to consult with their doctor about the Heart Truth.

Linda Bradley introduced a visual to the children at story time entitled “Mr. and Mrs. Heart”  in which the Hearts had poor eating habits. The moral of the presentation was that healthier choices have to be made to protect the heart.

Vessels of Praise and the Music Ministry Department delivered heavenly melodies of praise to set the tone for an awesome message from Charlotte Cornish.

Following the worship period a heart healthy lunch was served.  The menu consisted of Pasta, Garden Salad, Pecan Balls, and French bread. Decorative bottles of drinking water were chosen as the beverage for the meal. The tables were covered with white linen clothes and the center pieces were red floral arrangements, which enhanced pleasant dinning and conversation.

Elder Carrie K. Cyprian, member of Glad Tidings SDA Church Slidell, LA, offered a special treat after lunch. Homemade smoothies and strawberry pie were served from a table decorated with a white linen cloth.  Fresh fruit was used as the center piece.  The ingredients for the smoothies and pie and a water fall were displayed to remind us that we need to drink more water.   The treats were refreshing.

A private health assignment and counsel was offered by Emilye Grant, PAC-MPAS. The evening continued to be very informative as the AY Department, under direction of Wendy Smith and Elaine Harrington, presented a bible quiz on the heart.   Elder Marvel Jenkins delivered the vesper/sermon that made a lasting impression on the memory of the occasion.

The Women’s Ministry Sunday Morning Prayer Breakfast was presented by Shannon Williams and staff.  The delightful morning festivities began with a cheerful icebreaker led by Ethel Martin, the host for the day. Opening song was led by Charlotte Turpin, followed by prayers and testimonies, directed by Martin.

The breakfast menu consisted of cooked cereal of choice, scrambled eggs, soy bacon, biscuits, blueberry muffins, fresh fruit, orange juice, apple juice and water.  The red décor made feasting a joy.

Gayla Turner spoke on how we should guard our spiritual heart, avoiding even the appearance of evil.

The weekend was power packed with praises to God.  Valuable information was shared that can be used over and over to help women be mindful of their health, especially where their heart health is concerned.

Gift bags of water and the Heart Truth information were at Emmanuel SDA School for the students’ mothers, and at the Covington Boys and Girls club. The gifts of drinking water with Heart Truth information that Keller distributed in the community of Covington, LA were appreciated by the women of four churches. Rosehill Missionary requested more information about Red Dress Day, and invited Keller to do a presentation at their Women’s Ministry event called “The Dinner Table Discussion” on February 7, 2013.  Twenty-five women attended, and were excited about the information they received about making better choices for heart health. Members from Bethel Reform Methodist Church Women’s Ministry attended Red Dress Day, and were so impressed with our speaker – Charlotte Cornish – that they extended an invitation for her to bring the message of the hour at their annual Women’s Day program in May 2013.

Red Dress Day Weekend at Emmanuel was truly a successful effort that brought our members, communities and churches together, and enlightened them on women’s heart health.

by: Lucinda Keller, Community Services Director

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