Why My Pastor Is a Hero

Picture1Students at Alfred Booker Junior Academy in Alexandria, Louisiana read an article in March Edition “Kids View” magazine entitled:” Why My Pastor Is A Hero.”

They joined featured students from Gulf-States Conference in Montgomery, Alabama in making a list of things that make their pastor special. Here’s what they had to say…

“My pastor is a hero because he tells us about the Bible and animals in Noah’s Ark. He cheers us up when we are sad. He helps you and teaches you right from wrong. He has devotions on Monday mornings with us. Pastor Archbold is like Bibleman because he’s everywhere!” – Branden Webb, Grade 2

“Pastor Vanston Archbold is a hero because he helps me to learn about the Bible. He tells me that I should be a better person, and shows me text in the Bible. He helps me learn about God, and all the things He has been for me. In P.E. we did Jumping Jacks, ran around the gym three times, squats, and push-ups. He said that the exercise would help your body. When we eat, he said, we should also eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Pastor Archbold is a hero because he taught me great things!” –Ja’Von Jackson, Grade 2

“My pastor’s name is Vanston Archbold, he taught us about God. And when you are sad he’ll cheer you up. He will read the Bible to us and we will play Bible games and make pictures of Adam and Eve. He will pray for Satan to stop messing with me and making me mad. We will miss you Archbold family.”

–Layla Alexander, Grade 2

“My pastor is a hero because he teaches us about the Holy Bible and tells us a story about the Bible. I learned about things. He said God is coming back to get us all, and we can go to heaven with him. We pray every day. He taught us P.E. We learned to do squats, push-ups, and run in the gym. Pastor Archbold is a hero to me because he told us that Satan is a bad person, and we should not follow him.”

–Myson Smith, Grade 2

“My pastor is a hero because he helps us with our problems. He helps us with Bible study, with Bible work, and teaches us Gods will.”  –Zy’Keriah Johnson, Grade 3

“My Pastor is a hero, because he comes to our church school and preaches to us. Sometimes, he’ll even have P.E. with us. He tells us stories about his life in Colombia and in the Bible! He works a lot, he never complains. Our pastor, Vanston E. Archbold, is a true hero and we’ll miss him.”

–Cailyn Alexander, Grade 4

“My pastor is a hero because he teaches all of us about God and the resurrection of Jesus. He believes in God. He loves God. He gives praise to God three times a day or more. He is a great singer. My pastor is a hero. His name is Pastor Vanston Archbold. He is my hero.”  –Jahmai Williams, Grade 4

“Pastor Archbold is a hero because he helps people gain eternal life. Pastor Archbold is also a hero because he puts other things aside to come preach and teach. He gives us great advice, and we can talk to him about anything. He’s a good influence on people. He influences people to study and keep their faith strong in God.”

–Kordell Jenkins, Grade 6




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