When God speaks through the stars

_G5A4591Growing up Adventist, I understood the seventh day is the Sabbath. I understood you are required to give 10% in tithes. I understood God sent His Son to die for us. I heard about Him all my life. I just didn’t take the time to get to know Him., I went through the motions when it came to church. Wake up, Get dressed, Go to church, Eat potluck, Go home. I never knew the true meaning of church but if you asked me, I would have answered, “To get closer to God.”– The typical answer.

It never occurred to me that this whole Christian experience is about living in harmony with God and inviting others to experience this same harmony. The only thing that occurred to me was, “I can’t wait to go home.”

Being a pastor’s kid did not help either, feeling the constant pressure to be “perfect”. This, of course, threw me in a state of rebellion against God. I started hanging with the wrong crowd at school, giving in to the negative influences. Such as listening to the wrong music, saying the wrong words, and being downright disrespect to God’s name and character. During many sermons and chapels at school, I felt the need to give my life to Christ. However, since none of my friends were going up or even listening, I would disregard that small voice.

God was forever trying to reach me, but I would push Him back only “praising Him” when things went right. I “played Christian” to mask who I really was. I prayed to God every night, but only out of habit. I lied so much, it became second nature. The way I treated the Sabbath was for my own pleasure. I would talk about God at school but I never even cracked open the Bible. It wasn’t until August 2015, that this all changed. My dad had informed me that the Texas Conference was going to hold an evangelist training camp called Glad Reaper. I felt like I needed to go to this camp, but I didn’t know why. I decided to pray. After praying, I felt a voice telling me to go to this training event.

That next week, I arrived at Lone Star Camp. The first day dragged out. Song service was a blur, the sermon I barely listened  to. The next day, which was Sabbath, we were to spend all day in workshops. I quickly started despising this event and kept it to myself. The speaker of the workshops, Pastor Lynn, was very enthusiastic about young people preparing to preach the gospel. I didn’t quite understand his enthusiasm, but his style of speaking intrigued me, so I listened intently. During one of the workshops, I decided to challenge God. I silently prayed, “Ok, God, I’m here. You wanted me here and I don’t know why, but let me know by the end of this weekend.” The weekend flew by and finally it was Saturday night, the last night. It was late around midnight, after the basketball game and bonfire, when I began walking back to my cabin by myself, getting ready to take a shower and go to sleep. The sky was so clear, you could see about every star. I decided to sit down on one of the wooden benches and talk to God. “It’s the end of the weekend, what do you want me to do?” No answer. I proceeded in pouring out my heart to God, asking all the questions I had. When I got a strange feeling that God wanted me to preach. Preach? I can barely voice my opinion without the fear of what others think of it! I had to make sure this was, in fact, God calling me to this. I asked Him to show me some indication that this was Him asking me to do this epic, yet humble, task. No sooner than I asked for a sign, a shooting star shot through the sky! It was the brightest star I had ever seen! What made it more personal was the fact that no one else saw it! Tears filled my eyes, knowing that this was, in fact, an answer from the Almighty.

It has been months since that night. God has really blessed and transformed me. The music I used to listen to has since changed. The words that would come out of my mouth have been silenced. The “friends” I hung out with I realized did not value me as a true friend should. Those Sabbaths spent doing my own things are now spent away from distractions and are focused more on my fellowship with God and my family. I read the Bible more and I attend a Bible study group at my church. God even blessed me with the opportunity to preach an evangelistic series with three other youth from my church, Casalita Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church in Garland, Texas. He used me as His mouthpiece to share His love to others. My spiritual journey has not been easy. Satan has tried his best efforts to pollute my social life, as well as my spiritual life. However, even in the midst of these troubles, God has refused to leave my side. Through my ups and my downs, He reminds me He is still in control.Though it is difficult at times, God continues to open doors and allows me to reach out to people who are hungry for the Word!


By: Khari Dixon


Youth that preached during the evangelistic series

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