IMG_8054Casalita Dirve Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted Singles’ Day, on October 25th, 2014. This was the first Singles’ Day Program that that has ever been planned and hosted by the singles’ ministry committee at the church.

There were 132 people in attendance on singles’ day, and about 60 single individuals from the community , and other Adventist churches in the area were in attendance.   The theme for the day was “ENCOURAGING, EQUIPPING, AND ENGAGING” single individuals.   Teaching them ,how to fall in love with Jesus, before they fall in love with another individual.

The speaker for the day was Joseph Footman JR, and he told us that 55% of the Christian church was single. He also said that singleness does not equate negativity, or a negative state. Some people think that if an older individual, meaning 35 and above are single that they have a problem.   He said that single individuals that are connected to Christ, are single, because God has not prepared their mate for them.

Elder Joseph facilitated a very interactive seminar on the afternoon of October 25th, in regards to some of the issues and challenges that Christian single individuals encounter on a daily basis. He and other single individuals present, discussed ways to combat or overcome some of the challenges that inhabit the lives of a single people.


By: Vera Ragland

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