Tour de Youth 2015 Cycling Event: “Ride for the Future”

Facebook Page Cover“Tour de France” has been called one of the most demanding endurance sports in history. Two weeks of over 2,200 grueling miles, brutal mountain climbs and unpredictable weather.

Cyclists braved these conditions for a chance to wear the coveted “Maillot Jaune” or Yellow Jersey. Many that start the race are not able to complete because it is truly a “suffer fest.”

On June 28, 2015, pastors, lay-people, and cyclists from around the United States, will join the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as we host a Tour de Youth (TDY) cycling event. Team Southwest Dallas, Texas to the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. This ride is not for the “Maillot Jaune” but for a far more precious prize, our children. TDY is an inspirational five-day, 325 miles journey to raise awareness of youth and adult obesity, while raising funds for Adventist Education. We will promote healthy lifestyles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of obesity in children from ages 6-11 doubled and for ages 12-19 tripled. Higher rates were found in the minority communities.  Elizabeth Landau with Health reported, that the adult and youth obesity rates have risen in 28 states over the past years and are projected to continue. “Ten out of 11 states with the highest rates of obesity are located in the South…” These findings are incredible and frightening.  Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PolicyLink sites income disparities also “may contribute to this trend of obesity being prevalent in the South.”

We were not created to live stationary lives. Our young people need great role models for health that they can reach out and touch. Young people need leaders that will do more than just talk about healthy lifestyle and making education affordable. We must put our words to action for the future of our youth.

Our schools play an important role in the health and lifestyle choice of our children, if it can be made affordable. “Christian education is one of the most important evangelistic arms of the Seventh-day Adventists church.“ Yet in 2008, Larry Blackmer shared that, “Formal Adventist education, however, is serving fewer than 40 percent of the children in our churches.”[1] In the same Adventist Review article, he states, “It’s obvious that we must find ways both to make Adventist education affordable and to provide Adventist educational services to those who can’t or choose not to utilize the formal Adventist school system.”[2]

Prayer and financial support are needed to help the Tour de Youth “Ride For The Future” to be successful. Show an expression of support by offering at-risk boys and girls an alternative environment in which to grow, spiritually and academically, while pursuing the American Dream. Most importantly, we are not in pursuit of the “Yellow Jersey”, but we do want all of our children to be winners. Your support will help provide Christian education environment where kids are encouraged to uncover and, pursue God’s plan in preparing them for their lifelong service in advancing God’s Kingdom.

Please contact Pastor Kenn Dixon for more information about the Tour de Youth.

 Pastor Kenn Dixon
Communication and Media Relation Director and Cyclist
[1] ‪Adventist Review: Adventist Education Refocuses on Missions

[2] Michael Brown, Tour de Youth Proposal 2014

Pastor Kenn Dixon with Jay Dunn of Iron Riders of Dallas on a training ride

Pastor Kenn Dixon with Jay Dunn of Iron Riders of Dallas on a training ride

Pastor Kenn Dixon with Rosemary Perkins of Iron Riders of Dallas after a training ride

Pastor Kenn Dixon with Rosemary Perkins of Iron Riders of Dallas after a training ride

52 Miles Tour de Youth "Let's Move Day Ride"

52 Miles Tour de Youth “Let’s Move Day Ride”


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