Passing the Church’s Heritage Light On, God’s Way

Professional camera 1569Under the theme: “Passing the Church’s Heritage Light On, God’s Way”, a multi-historical Heritage Day was held on October 12, 2013 at the Tenth Street Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This program was an effort of the History Committee to commemorate the naming of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in 1863, covering a 150-year celebration.  The highlight of the program was a PowerPoint presentation of Oklahoma Black history intertwined with the history of the Tenth Street Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1919-2013, entitled, “The Lighthouse,” written and directed by Dr. Mary C. Moon, History Committee Chairperson.  The perspective was a cultural combination of Negro Spiritual’s interpretation of slavery’s beginnings of blacks in Oklahoma.  Mistress of Ceremonies was executed by Rebecca Fields.  A five-part narration was done by Darlene Hudson and Patricia Collins that included:

  • The Cultural Complex Beginning as a People in Oklahoma, 1830-1876,
  • A Time of Racial Memorabilia, 1877-1933,
  • Creation of Black Region Conferences, 1934-1964,
  • The End of the Beginning of the New, 1947-1995,
  • Significant Occurrence for Tenth Street S.D.A. and other S.D.A. Churches, 1996-2013.

Sister Darlene Hudson worked with our children for a wonderful presentation entitled, “Special Love Promises to God Forever.”  The PowerPoint presentation was developed by John Graves and presented with the help of Ayub Munyenye, Reginald Moore and Patrick Shavers, who are part of the Communications Department.  Attendees enjoyed a delightful dinner, prepared by Alma McGuirt, Joyce Scott and staff, prior to the presentation.  Special Music was by Elder Herman Richmond.  Special Acknowledgements and Certificates of Appreciation were conferred to honorees for their dedication and service to the church by Elder Stephen Brooks, who ended the presentation.

As a result of this informative presentation, the church was affirmed in our faith that God has led and guided His church for more than 150 years.  We celebrate the almost 100 years the Adventist church has had a presence in Oklahoma City and its subsequent growth.  We commit ourselves to continue the work the Lord has put in our hands so many more can join us to receive Jesus when He comes back soon.

Story by: Dr. Mary C. Moon

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