Forest Hill’s Catch the Vision: We Serve, We Supply, We Support Third Annual Community Parade

photo2On April 27, 2014, the city of Forest Hill experienced the third annual Catch the Vision parade. The parade took place despite a rainy forecast.

Multiple members of the Forest Hill community and a few from neighboring cities participated. Participants included various schools, churches and businesses, as well as council members of the city of Forest Hill.
The idea of having a parade was originally spearheaded by the Forest Hill SDA church deaconess department during a deaconess meeting in 2011. The ladies wanted to do something new and different to co-op with the community and encourage community involvement and connectedness. They desired to see the community come out and support each other as well as become familiarized with each other. Although the ladies believed this was a challenging endeavor, they decided to pursue it and took the idea to the city of Forest Hill council members. After meeting with the city and constable, the ladies received approval. As a result of came the name Catch the Vision, with the theme: ‘We Serve, We Supply, We Support.’
This year, the Forest Hill SDA Family Life department continued the new tradition of the Catch the Vision annual parade. Procedures continued as before, however, due to low funds, the department was not able to afford police escorts. With the help of Forest Hill Constable Michael Campbell, police escorts were provided by way of volunteer constables. Various schools, churches and businesses in the community were contacted and invited. Vendors were invited to participate in the after-parade activities and car enthusiastics were also invited to show their antique, customized and show cars.
As a result of the tenacity of Trinda Matson, the support of the city of Forest Hill and all the participants, the third annual Catch the Vision parade was a success. The weather proved favorable without a raindrop in sight. Some of the Catch the Vision parade participants and guests included: Circle 5 Horse Riding Club, Forest Hill Horse Riding Club, Grace Temple SDA Pathfinders and Adventurers, Pilgrim Valley Baptist Church and various school ROTC groups. The Mayor of Forest Hill, Gerald Joubert, City Manager Sheyi Ipaye, and a slew of city council members followed in individually represented cars along with the Forest Hill Fire Department and MedStar ambulance service representation.
“In preparing for the third annual Catch the Vision community parade, we placed everything before God, the foundation was laid, and everything else fell into place. We thank God for His grace and mercy with this endeavor and pray that with each coming year the goal to strengthen community ties will prove successful,” Trinda Matson, Forest Hill SDA church Family Life Director.


Linda Murray

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