Friday Night Live

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a year ago that Oklahoma’s Tenth Street pastor, Stephen Brooks, reintroduced us to the concept of a young adult ministry, one that caters to the 18-35 year-old group.  However, it took us several months later to implement the program.  Thus, thanks to Brooks and an Oakwood University’s Friday night AY program which she recalled, Berean’s Paula Adams began the groundwork for our own “Friday Night Live” program.  According to Adams, “Friday night was chosen to combat what some view as the need to fill the void before Sabbath worship, a way to begin the Sabbath in worship with other Christians.”  The captivating title speaks for itself. “I had also observed that for whatever reason, many in our 18-40 (we extended our qualifying age)  age bracket did not want to identify with singles’ ministry, but were willing to embrace a program that reached out not only to singles but to young married couples as well.  Even Pastor Robert Davis and his family are involved. It is like an upbeat prayer meeting for the younger set – taking youth ministries to the next level,” she continued.

With FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE boldly projected on a large screen in a complementary light setting, each once a month (with plans to increase to twice a month) program begins with the praise team leading out in worship.  From there it’s the theme song coupled with a ‘greet your neighbor’ segment.  Then social media takes over with team leader Walter Campbell directing all to take out their cell phones to send an email, face book or twitter message of God’s love to someone.  Testimonies, praise reports and a season of prayer follow.  The format continues with one or more of the following:  a short message, skit, guest speaker, rap session or Bible study.  Because each session has its own theme, the recent one highlighted the graduation season honoring Berean’s graduates and their many levels of accomplishments.  Each participant got an opportunity to express God’s role in their success.  Of course, prayer and a song precede the trip to the multipurpose room where all gather for fellowship and the potluck which bring the proceedings to an eventful close.      

Evelyn M. Edwards




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