Forest Hill Tigers Pathfinders’ Run to Oshkosh


With the Forever Faithful International Pathfinder camporee quickly approaching, the Forest Hill Tigers pathfinders have been working hard to raise the funds necessary for their trip in August 2014. Along with the more common fundraisers such as car washes, bake sales, etc., the Forest Hill Tigers decided to do something on a much larger scale. They chose to host an event that would not only raise funds for their trip, but would also promote healthy activity among the community as a whole.  Thus, the name Run To Oshkosh 5K Run/ Walk.

The endeavor started out very exciting. However, as they proceeded with the planning process, it began to appear to be an impossible feat for such a small group to the point to where some wanted to cancel it. They even started to question whether the Tigers had taken on something that was beyond our capability to complete. But, however difficult things seemed, “it was through prayers and the desire to have our youth experience such an opportunity that kept us going. You see, many of our youth have never even been out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, must less the state of Texas. The opportunity to attend Forever Faithful where they would meet youth from over 60 countries to learn about various cultures, in itself, is almost an unbelievable, but awesome experience”, stated Director Lance Duncan.

The Tigers reached out to our community for sponsors and supporters with great success, including various businesses. As they prayed for God’s leading, courage to continue and guidance, they continued to market the 5K run/ walk. Without the funds to utilize the heavy advertisement tools, this made it a little more difficult and called for more creativity and work. After communicating with various media and by God’s grace, the most exciting and biggest opportunity came when WFAA Dallas ABC news invited the Tigers to be interviewed and speak about Run To Oshkosh 5K Run/Walk. This invitation to be on a local news station and major network was the added boost needed to push all the way to the end.

“As a Christian youth organization, we wanted to present to the community that our youth do have purpose, are capable of positive endeavors and are responsible enough to host such a multi-city-wide event as a means to an end,” expressed Director Duncan. They succeeded! The event took place on a beautiful Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Trinity Park- Fort Worth with many participants from the community. The grand prize winner received a full-year gym membership from one of our sponsors, Texas Health- Huguley Fitness Center.

“In a world filled with so many distractions for our youth, they need as much exposure to positive experiences, so much more than their everyday situations and environments, to keep them within God’s realm. Just as we believe that it was David’s relationship with Jesus that made him forever faithful, our hope is for our youth to build that same relationship through positive exposure and experience that will help them to be Forever Faithful.”  Director Duncan.


By Linda Murray

Photos by Teshorn Jackson

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