Bobby’s Rebirth

Pastor Robert Davis Jr., of the Berean SDA Church Baton Rouge baptizing his son Bobby.

Pastor Robert Davis Jr., of the Berean SDA Church Baton Rouge baptizing his son Bobby.

Eight year-old second grader Robert L. Davis, Jr., whom we know as “Bobby,” is one of four children and the only son of Pastor Robert Lee Davis, Sr. and his wife Denise. Recently, Bobby became the newest member of the Berean church.   His father conducted the Sabbath baptism.  What follows are the questions posed to Davis and his gracious response regarding his son’s conversion experience.

QUESTION:  Is Bobby the youngest child you have ever baptized?  If not, what is the age of the youngest?

ANSWER:     No, he is not the youngest child I have ever baptized.   In 1993, I conducted     my first tent   meeting. A six year-old girl was among those I baptized.

QUESTION:   What steps led to Bobby’s getting baptized, and what convinced you that he was ready?

ANSWER:       From the time my wife Denise and I began talking to Bobby about heaven, salvation, etc. he has shown a very keen appetite to spiritual things.  Following one of my Sabbath sermons, he heard me make an appeal,  and without any promptings from us,  Bobby responded by raising his hand and was invited up front.  My heart raced with joy.  Thus he began the Bible studies, completing them on his own.  (Bobby’s an avid reader).  When he finished the lessons, I went over them with him and determined that he understood enough about Jesus and salvation to be baptized.

QUESTION:     What was his mother’s role in his baptism?

ANSWER:        Denise conducts many of the family worships with the kids because of my schedule in the evenings and because she was a stay-at-home mom for seven years of their lives.  It is she who helped to develop the initial interest in spiritual things and fostered the children’s desire to be more like Jesus.

QUESTION:     Have you noticed any changes in Bobby since his baptism?

ANSWER:        He is still the same curious, excited, energetic boy he has always been.  Bobby still has a deep desire for spiritual things.  For him, baptism was a natural progress in his spiritual development.

QUESTION:      How did the family celebrate Bobby’s baptism?

ANSWER:         We celebrated his baptism by having a very special meal just for him with his friends coming over and celebrating with him.

QUESTION:      Has his six year-old sister Elise expressed an interest in baptism?

ANSWER:         Elise wants to be baptized because she saw Bobby getting baptized, and she doesn’t want him to be able to eat the bread and drink the wine at communion when she can’t.  We’ll hold up on her baptism until her motives are a little more Christ-centered.  (with a chuckle)

QUESTION:       In closing, pastor, What is your admonition to other parents?

ANSWER:          I would encourage all parents to have daily worship (Bible readings and prayer) with their children and discuss the need to follow Christ all the way.  Spiritual expectations should be placed before the children, and openly discussed.

The Berean congregation welcomes Bobby who is already contributing to the worship service via the sound booth ministry where he is the youngest member of this ministry.  And he has the respect of those working with him.

Story by: Evelyn M. Edwards

Bobby receiving the baptismal vows.

Bobby receiving the baptismal vows.


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