Healthy Cooking At Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church

DSCF6390 On the afternoon of August 11, 2013, under the direction of Personal Ministries Director Billy Rhodes, the Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church Health and Temperance Team hosted a cooking demonstration to promote healthy lifestyles within the community. The leader of this event, Delores Paul, invited four participants to present a healthy vegan dish to the audience. The audience was then allowed to sample each dish to enhance the learning experience.

The day began with Debra Roberts’ Pumpkin Cheese Cake. The audience was surprised at first, but they soon discovered that although the dish was vegan, it was absolutely delectable. Mrs. Roberts demonstrated how to combine the ingredients, then allowed the audience to sample the finished product.

Delores then presented two of her own recipes–one oriental, and the other a casserole. The oriental dish consisted of soy nuggets (a type of mock chicken), hot chili sauce, and brightly colored vegetables. The casserole consisted of a combination of squash and potatoes. Both were favorites among the viewers.

The next dish presented was Carmen Rhodes’ cheesy-cheese sauce, which we all found to be a delicious addition to the event. Her sister Natalie Bean (a dietician) prepared her homemade recipe for natural ketchup.  Sweet and tangy, it was surprisingly delicious. She also prepared an aesthetically pleasing and tasteful lasagna dish.

Brother Ronnie Woolfork was unable to demonstrate how to make his wheat meat, but thankfully he was able to bring the finished product. Appetizing and flavorful, many in the audience asked for a second helping.

To end the event, there was a mouth-watering review of all the dishes that were prepared. Everyone who attended left with a pleasantly satisfied palate and information on living a healthy lifestyle. Overall, the day was a scrumptious and educational experience.

Sharon Carrington & Lydia Headley

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