Group Program Offers Children Faith Board Learning

Tmx3afIU9HLO0euMv9ia0nzKR00Gz7BB85C6FGaUsngWhat do you get when you gather 57 children, 24 volunteers, interactive teaching, and a week of summer fun?

For the Tenth St. SDA Church and community you get “ATHENS-PAUL’S Dangerous Journey to the Truth,” this years annual Vacation Bible School.  Held at the Tenth St. SDA Church the week of Sunday, June 2 through Thursday June 6, 2013.

The program included children from ages Pre-K through 6th grade.  This program provided a fun new direction that opened up the book of Acts to the children in a creative bible teaching approach.  It was based on Paul’s (portrayed by John Graves) ministry encounters in the Greek city of Athens.  In Paul’s tent the children learned how felt as walked the streets of the ancient city with all the statues of pagan gods.  They heard about the danger, ridicule, beatings and jail he faced as he traveled to spread the good news of Jesus, no matter what! Fifty seven children and 20 adults and four teens traveled back in time with Paul.  The Children and staff were divided into families and they spent time in small family groups (Oikos) to play from bible time games, browsing and creating crafts in the market place, eating great Greek snacks, and learning memorable songs.  They also got to spend “money” in the Greek market place.  The most important feature each day was being reminded about God’s great love for us.  We learned how we can stand up for our faith today!  Each day (Oikos) families joined in an exciting time getting to know each other.

The (Oikos) families were made up of a multi-age group of children and adults or older youths to show them the way.  They joined together daily for celebration with music, motion, and at times to reflect on all they were experiencing.  Special thanks to Angela Ware, and the decorating team for transforming our space with amazing Ancient Greek decorations.  Marquitta Brown, thank you for making that effort to make sure we had a snack of tasty Greek foods.  Our competent church clerk was on hand to take care of all the registration and all other data necessary to do a follow-up with the children that attended.  We plan to include the community children in our children’s Day Program and other planned activities.  From the VBS Director- Thanks to all the volunteers and church family members who helped to make this endeavor a success.

John and Rose Graves

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