Children are like our Tithes & Offerings

photoHannah prayed to the Lord for a son and vowed to return him back, she said ”He will be yours for his entire lifetime” The Lord remembered Hannah plea, and in due time she gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel.

Children are like our tithes and offerings.

Do you know that nothing on this earth belongs to us? Not even your kids! You are a steward of your kids just like you are a steward of your paycheck.

Hannah recognized that children are a blessing from God. As good stewards we have a responsibility to the one who lends us our children.

What constitutes giving our children back to God?

Leading them at the family altar in worship to God, teaching them not fairy tales but Bible truths, taking them to Sabbath School and placing them in Seventh-day Adventist schools.

Do you know that when Jesus comes, He will ask us, “where is the flock that I have lent you?” Eventually our children will make up their own minds about salvation, but while we make the decisions for our kids, we are to give them the best education possible?

What is the best education possible?

“The best education that can be given to children and youth is that which bears the closest relation to the future, immortal life.” Fundamentals of Christian Education (p. 231).

What the wise sister was saying, is that education that prepares our children for heaven is more important than any other type of education.

When something belongs to God, He always comes through.

If you keep your word, like Hannah, God is always faithful to keep His.

Hannah’s faith was not in the temple leaders, teachers, or priests.

Hannah’s faith was not in the educational system of the Levites.

Hannah faith was certainly not in Eli, whose parenting skills would have disqualified him from teaching at our schools.

Hannah’s faith was in Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provided for her.

Her faith was in God, not the school.

Today we put too much faith in our schools, and our teachers, and our conference, when our faith should be in God. Never should our faith be in the schools or the teachers. Our faith should be in God. And God has a way of honoring our faith.

We, in the Southwest Region Conference of schools, do not want to keep your children forever. We just want you to trust God enough, to lend us your children, so He can keep them forever in His kingdom.



Shakuntala Ramsarran

Superintendent of Education