Financial Cost Dilemma of Adventist Education

Children Program by SWAJA students, Dallas, Texas.Photo by: Kenn DixonRandy Gillman, Education Director for the Southwestern Union Conference wrote an Adventist Education Doesn’t Cost—It Pays! in the July edition of the magazine called the Record. He gave a view of Adventist Education as a benefit and not a cost to families.  However, the cost for education is on the rise according to local schools in the Union and financial support resources are shrinking. There are families with multiples children and are forced to choose which one will receive the private school education and who will have to accept public school. Parents still believe there is a benefit in Adventist Education and want to support the educational system but need help from others to remain loyal.

Student receives award during local Adventist school program.
Photo by: Kenn Dixon

After talking with three different individuals about their experience with the financial difficulties of Adventist Education, it is clear there is a need for reform. The enrollment for schools in the Southwest Region Conference is based on the ability for parents to pay for the education. If parents can’t afford the tuition then the desk in classrooms will remain unfilled.