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Jul 2018

Returning to the Old Paths Southwest Region Conference Camp Meeting 2018 In spite of abbreviated days, our 2018 “Returning to the Old Paths” camp meeting held something for everyone. The theme selected from Jeremiah 6:16 provided the backdrop. In his welcome found in the introduction of the printed program, President Calvin L. Watkins qualifies the old paths as “the standard Three Angels’ Message that has brought us this far.”  In Friday evening’s welcome, he would add “The more we move from the old paths, the more the devil can creep into our......

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Dec 2015

Growing up Adventist, I understood the seventh day is the Sabbath. I understood you are required to give 10% in tithes. I understood God sent His Son to die for us. I heard about Him all my life. I just didn’t take the time to get to know Him., I went through the motions when it came to church. Wake up, Get dressed, Go to church, Eat potluck, Go home. I never knew the true meaning of church but if you asked me, I would have answered, “To get closer to God.”–......

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Apr 2014

“What Is The Best Thing You Like About Southwest Region Conference?” Directions and Rules:  We would like to hear your favorite thing that you like about our conference. Post your comment below and share with friends. Once you have LIKED US on Facebook (SWRGC), COMMENTED in the comment section and SHARED with all of your friends, you will be entered into the iPad Mini giveaway. The more shares the better! (Please remember, don’t just like the post–like us on Facebook (SWRGC). THIS IS TOTAL FREE! We will pick the best comment, memory, or......

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