Mar 2016

February 24, 2016, the Student Council President, Cailyn Alexander, and Principal/Teacher, Joy Dawkins-Parris, of Alfred Booker Junior Academy (ABJA), appeared on KALB Channel 5 Alexandria, LA to promote the upcoming Black History Program, “What if there were no Black People in the world?”-Author unknown....

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Feb 2016

Proverbs 22:6 (Clear Word) says, “Start a child on the right path while he’s young, and when he is old, he’ll not forget what he’s been taught.” Fort Worth Grace Temple SDA Church, located at 4200 E. Berry (corner of Berry and Miller in Fort Worth Texas) has something to be very proud of and that is a group of young people that are really enthusiastic about witnessing and getting involved in the community....

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Dec 2015

Growing up Adventist, I understood the seventh day is the Sabbath. I understood you are required to give 10% in tithes. I understood God sent His Son to die for us. I heard about Him all my life. I just didn’t take the time to get to know Him., I went through the motions when it came to church. Wake up, Get dressed, Go to church, Eat potluck, Go home. I never knew the true meaning of church but if you asked me, I would have answered, “To get closer to God.”–......

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