A Church on the Move…

IMG_0674Shiloh SDA Church is located in an inner city in Little Rock, Arkansas, that is wrought with crime, poverty, and drugs. Sounds of police cars and ambulance sirens, gun shots, along with boarded houses are common place. This has left many people feeling hopeless. It is a true mission field. Although there is much despair, Shiloh has been identified by city officials as the “flagship” church in the area because of its unrelenting involvement in community service.

Two pivotal community service events were the 2011 and 2012 Block Parties. Both events had approximately 27 booths including community and church vendors with 350-400 attendees. In addition, The Neighborhood Association held monthly meetings at the Church last year.

To complement Shiloh’s long standing reputation, Pastor James Roberts has devised a plan to have a stronger spiritual presence in 2013 through evangelism, in order to penetrate the hearts and minds of those who do not know this precious message.  Shiloh will host Creation Health cooking classes, a prophecy seminar, as well as sermons focused on teaching the fundamental beliefs of the faith every quarter such as stewardship and the sanctuary. He also wants church members to strive for spiritual excellence by studying their bibles and in turn teaching others about the risen Savior.

Church members have taken the call to use their creative outreach techniques to help in the success of the evangelistic plan. Elder Alfred Hampton heads a small group that delivers gifts and literature to neighborhood homes every third Sabbath. They give gifts such as pens, lotion, bath soaps, etc.  Approximately 75-100 people are served. Deacon Ronnie M. Woolfolk holds a bible school at his home twice a month and is involved in Elder Hampton’s outreach project. He gives gifts to St. Francis House, a residential facility that houses homeless veterans. Deacon Woolfolk says gifts “make them aware of our presents in the community.”

James Davies leads a small group called United for the Master. Once a month, the group distributes laundry bags which contain various laundry items, SDA books, and health magazines.  They have gone to laundry mats, college/university campuses, a domestic violence center and a barber shop.  At least 700 people have been served by their ministry in the past year. Brother Davies says their ministry has “brought us closer as a group and has been a blessing.”

Debra Brown has a book ministry where she buys Christian themed books and donates them to people in need. She also heads a free telephone prayer group called Fruit of the Sprit Network (805-399-1000 Code 397543#). The group meets on Sundays at 7am. The purpose of the group is to “encourage, fellowship, share devotions, and witness.” Furthermore, Vouncile Harris uses her passion for children to tell children’s stories on Sabbath. She also is a professional storyteller who speaks at places such as public schools, churches, and community events. Her desire is to talk “to people about Christ and our church.”

Shiloh is busy taking the end time message to the streets by using clever ways to make people knowledgeable about Christ’s return. They have gone beyond being the brick church whose members worship on Saturday to slowly becoming friends of the community. Shiloh prays that these relationships will strengthen and make many believe in the truth in addition to intensifying their own walk with the Redeemer. Pray that the fruits our labor may continue to grow.

Jennifer Chery, Shiloh SDA Church member

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Pastor James Roberts, Deacon Ronnie Woolfolk, Elder Alfred Hampton, and Elder Paul Ballantyne at a community block party event.

Pastor James Roberts, Deacon Ronnie Woolfolk, Elder Alfred Hampton, and Elder Paul Ballantyne at a community block party event.