Stephen Brooks
Executive Secretary

Calvin Watkins

Phillip Palmer

Naomi Winston
Administrative Assistant

Leslie Soupet
Administrative Assistant

Marion Ricks
Administrative Assistant

Vanston Archbold
General Field Secretary

Durandel Ford
General Field Secretary

Southwest Region Conference Administration Overview

Presidential – The first officer, associated with the secretary and treasurer, that reports to the executive committee.

Secretariat – Associated with the president and treasurer as an executive officer that serves under the direction of the executive committee.

Treasury – Associated with the president and secretary as an executive officer that serves under the direction of the executive committee.

In general, the Treasury Department oversees finances for Conference office and the field, which includes auditing, insurance & loss control, transportation, the Southwest Region Conference Association, conference office workroom, conference office receptionist / switchboard operator, and the finances for the conference office, including payroll for office employees, pastors, and teachers. It is also the umbrella for services such as parsonage maintenance.

Online Giving is now available here at Southwest Region. See Online Giving for more information.

The Planned Giving and Trust Services are also a responsibility of the Treasury Department. See Trust.

Field Secretary – Associated with the president, secretary, treasurer as a field secretary for Hispanic Ministries that serves under the direction of the executive committee.

Executive Committee – The delegated authority to act on behalf of the constituents between regular sessions.

Executive Committee Members 2015-2019

  • Calvin Watkins (Chairman) – Dallas, TX
  • Stephen Brooks – Dallas, TX
  • Philip Palmer – Dallas, TX
  • Larry Moore – Cleburne, TX
  • Bufford Griffith Jr. – Mansfield, TX
  • John Page – Cleburne, TX
  • Bufford Griffith III – Dallas, TX
  • Arthur Brown – Little Rock, AR
  • Joy Dawkins-Parris – Alexandria, LA
  • Kenneth Dorsey – New Orleans, LA
  • David Hinds – Harvey, LA
  • Jaime Kowlessar – Irving, TX
  • Vivian Machado – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Whitney Mack – Little Rock, AR
  • Jonathan McCottry – Albuquerque, NM
  • Gloria Meyers – Grand Prairie, TX
  • Maime Omari – Gilmore, AR
  • Malcolm Phipps – Tulsa, OK
  • Michael Satterwhite – Shreveport, LA
  • Norman Stiggers – Mansfield, LA
  • Hardden Weech – Houston, TX
  • Raynell Smith – Broken Arrow, OK
  • Tracy Faulkner – Conroe, TX
  • Willie Walker – Tomball, TX
  • Paola Vidal – Irving, TX
  • Floyd Price – Lubbock, TX
  • Llewelyn Williams – Las Cruces, NM
  • Tyrone Boyd – Desoto, TX


SWRGC Executive Committee Members: 2015-2019


Executive Subcommittees – Other committees voted / appointed by either the constituents or executive committee to perform specific duties.

Conference Coordinators – Other functions voted by the executive committee to perform specific duties.